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KGZS-Zavod KR visits Slovenian Fish Farms to Identify Training Needs


Our partners KGZS-Zavod KR have been busy during the recent months. As part of their work in EWEAS, they are responsible for gathering questionnaires from the Slovenian fish farmers to identify the needs for training on water and energy efficiency in Slovenia. The best way to carry out the questionnaire with the farmers was to organise field visits in each of the 10 selected farms. The farms visited are specialised in breeding rainbow trout, brown trout and African catfish.

During the visit, KGZS-Zavod KR presented the EWEAS project and objectives to the fish farmers and completed the questionnaire together. Fish farmers found the discussion on energy and water consumption and energy behaviour very interesting. Unfortunately, in Slovenia there is no training on the topic specifically for fish farmers, despite the fact that energy represents one of the biggest costs in fish farming.

The face-to-face interviews allowed KGZS-Zavod KR to identify the interest among  the fish farmers learning more about the efficient use of energy, alternative solutions (e.g. renewable energy and hydropower), the financial aspects of the efficient use of solar collectors,  batteries for energy storage as an alternative to an electric generator, and the analysis of fish excrement as a source of methane in the anaerobic digestor. On the other hand, the fish farmers highlighted the general difficulties they encounter in relation to water and energy management, maintenance of old infrastructure and water lines, electricity pricing and audit, constant water and energy supply, water quality and administrative routine.

Through the EWEAS project we aim to enhance the skills of the Slovenian fish farmers and increase their preparedness to deal with water and energy issues in the fish farming context.