API is a non-profit corporation which aims to protect, develop and consolidate all activities related to aquaculture. API is a professional association established in June 1964, it gathers over 300 fish farms of fresh, salt and brackish water and of many species, which represent around 90% of the Italian production of finfish. API’s work focuses on providing up-to-date knowledge and training opportunities to ensure the continuous professional development of the fish farm workers. API has national and international recognition and exposure and collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders and a large network of fish farmers (fresh, salt and brackish water) across the entire country.

Role in EWEAS

API will cooperate actively in the implementation of the project contributing on different topics: compilation of information on fish farm facilities from other partner countries  with a focus on the structure of the current aquaculture facilities, e.g. fish farming automation, types of fish farms (inland and offshore), legislation of each country applicable to energy in this sector; characteristics, particularities and difficulties of each country. API is also involved in the selection of modules for the training programme, and the development of a county report on the water and energy consumption patterns of the aquaculture facilities in Italy. Finally, API will be strongly involved in dissemination and outreach actions.

Key people

Mr Andrea Fabris graduated in Veterinary Medicine at Parma University. He holds a degree in “Animal Feeding” by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bologna University and a degree in “Farming, Hygiene, Pathology of Aquatic Species and Control of Derivative Products" by the Udine University. He is currently the Director and Fish Veterinarian for the Associazione Piscicoltori Italiani (API) and provides veterinary consultancy and technical assistance to fish farming companies including members of the Italian Fish Farmers Association (API). His area of expertise is health management and fish pathology, responsible use of veterinary medicines in aquaculture, veterinary police measures in aquaculture, animal welfare, product certification, sustainable aquaculture, organic aquaculture, relations between operators in the aquaculture sector and public administrations or other advisory bodies. Within the scope of his API consultancy mandate he has participated in several Working Groups on the above-mentioned topics run by the MIPAAF General Direction for Fisheries and Aquaculture and by the General Direction of Animal Health of the Ministry of Health and the Aquaculture Advisory Council. He is actually Chairman of FEAP Fish Health and Welfare COM. Email: andreafabris@hotmail.com; veterinaria@api-online.it

Ms Lisa Rovaglia is responsible for the administration and accounting API. She manages the relationships of API with the public administration (Ministries, regions, provinces, universities etc.) for project reporting. She also assists fish farmers regarding tax and financial issues. Email: rovaglia.l@api-online.it

Mr Vladimir Kvavadze is an IT specialist. He is involved in data processing, website development, general communication and dissemination activities. Email: vladimir@api-online.it