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EWEAS e-Learning Platform will be Engaging and Interactive


Eurofortis (BEFO) is leading the development of the e-Learning platform where the EWEAS training programme will be hosted. The platform will offer a tailor-made solution that will allow potential trainees to target on the specific content such as water and energy consumption patterns, wastewater management and other processes related to daily operational challenges.

After the 2nd project meeting in Pordenone, the Eurofortis team returned to the office with feedback from the partners on how to make this platform engaging and interactive. For now, the Eurofortis team are testing out various tools and are looking for full-featured design solutions to ensure that the look and the feel as well as the functionality of the e-Learning platform meet the standards set by the project. The platform will be user-friendly and available on various mobile applications (iOS and Android) to provide an easy access to the training contents on user’s preferred devices no matter where they are.

Digital learning has already demonstrated success in the aquaculture industry where e-Learning is evolving, becoming more modular, tailored and versatile. Through the use of the EWEAS e-Learning platform, our trainees will benefit from greater access to self-management techniques and develop necessary skills to achieve a competitive advantage in the aquaculture labour market.