Project overview

Project at a glance

PROGRAMME Erasmus+ (2014-2020)
KEY ACTION Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
ACTION Strategic Partnerships
TOTAL BUDGET € 264,459
DURATION December 2018 - May 2021 (30 months)
CONSORTIUM 5 partners from five countries (Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Latvia, Ireland)


EWEAS main objective was to develop an e-learning training programme on Energy and Water Efficiency in Aquaculture. This provides aquaculture professionals with the necessary skills to:

  • Detect significant plant consumption and establish its optimum working range
  • Perform and interpret the measurements of energy consumption in the main equipment
  • Get to know and understand the different concepts of billing and hiring of energy supplies, in order to facilitate decision-making
  • Determine which are the most relevant energy consumption indicators and their current values, as well as being able to recognise the variations that they may encounter, as an indication of improvements or problems in production
  • Be able to assess the foreseeable impact on these indicators of new actions developed to reduce energy or water consumption.

EWEAS’ robust training platform provides expert-led content and promotes work-based learning in the aquaculture sector. The platform will benefit plant managers, farm technicians and other aquaculture professionals, providing them with the knowledge to carry out self-management of energy and water consumption. Not only will this improve company productivity, but this will also vastly improve the sustainability of the sector and protect the environment.

Results and Impacts of the project:

The EWEAS project has significantly contributed towards a sustainable and competitive European aquaculture sector at local, regional, national and multi-national level. The project improved education and training on aquaculture  promoted the efficient use of resources and contribute to:

  • To increase the professional skills of the European aquaculture workers through the creation of a specific training to increase water and energy efficiency in aquaculture farms
  • To improve the computer literacy of workers in this sector through the use of the EWEAS e-learning platform
  • To promote the creation of a homogeneous framework with the same energy efficiency standards within the EU Member States
  • To contribute to the improvement of the sector competitiveness through the reduction of water and energy consumption in aquaculture farms
  • To promote the adoption and use of the EWEAS training materials by a wide range of vocational education and training providers
  • To bridge the gap between theoretical and practical training in the procedures of aquaculture facilities
  • To provide an innovative education and training tool for VET providers to workers in the aquaculture sector
  • To ensure the sustainability of European aquaculture by reducing its energy bill through highly qualified professionals